✨K-Pop Groups and Soloists✨

Short explanation what K-Pop is: K-Pop is South Korean Pop Music. They contain many musical influences, such as hip-hop, electronic dance, jazz and rock. Often the artists are in a Girl- or Boygroup with 4 to 27 Members. K-Pop is also known for their  cheerful and energic dances.


Full name: Bangtan Soyedan


Kim Seokjin/Jin (Hyung, 4.12.1992,30)

Min Yoongi/Suga/August D (Hyung, 9.3.1993,30)

Jung Hoseok/J-Hope/Hobi (Hyung, 18.2.1994,29)

Namjoon/RM (Hyung, 12.9.1994,28)

Park Jimin/Jimin (Maknae, 13.10.1995, 27)

Kim Taehyung/V (Maknae, 30.12.1995,27)

Jeon Jungkook/Jungkook/Jk (Maknae, 1.9.1997,25)

Debut: 13.6.2013

Leader: Kim Namjoon

Label: Big Hit Entertainment

Lightstick: Army Bomb

Fan-Name: ARMY (Adorable repesentative Mc for Youth)

Songs: 235


Short name: Bp


Kim Ji-soo (3.1.1995, 28)

Kim Jennie (16.1.1996, 27)

Park Roseanne/Rose (11.2.1997, 26)

Lalisa Manobal/Lisa (27.3.1997, 26)

Debut: 2026

Leader: No one

Label: YG Entertainment

Fan-Name: Blinks

Songs: 58