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Berlin in the Underground - Potsdamer Platz

Blinde Tunnel für die U-Bahnlinie 5

Berlin’s History from an unconventional Perspective - an interactive Experience

The CD-ROM “Berlin in the Underground” offers an impressive encounter with the subterranean centre of the “New Berlin”. With the help of unique images, excellent audio reports, film clips and an interactive tour through a bunker you will be able to experience these hidden treasures - from the origins of the urban infrastructure and the construction of the metro system to the vast underground buildings and bunkers of the Nazi era, the subsequent division of the Berlin during the cold war and, last but not least, the post-unification developments in the new German capital.

Transitlinien und Geisterbahnhöfe Zwischen Technokeller und Großbaustelle Von der Baugrube zur Tiefgarage Bewag-Tieftunnel Blinde Tunnel für die U-Bahnlinie 5 Blinde Tunnel für die U-Bahnlinie 5

A great love of historical detail and the newest multimedia technology are combined to present an atmospheric journey through the underground of this European metropolis. The bird’s-eye views of the Potsdamer Platz from 5 different years between 1885 and 1999 illustrate the history of Berlin in a fascinating way. Illustrations and ground plans of particular objects and a careful selection of internet links put the finishing touches to this remarkable documentation.

The Authors - Making it possible to experience Current History with the engaged Use of Multimedia Technology

Eku Wand - Professor of Media Design/Multimedia, Designer and Producer

Prof. Eku Wand Berlin Connection

Over a period of 9 months, a huge amount of material was compiled - using the newest multimedia technology - into a coherent, atmospheric production. As multimedia pioneer Eku Wand puts it: “In comparison to a museum, the virtual and interactive presentation of the sources is of particular value. This particularly applies to the bunkers which have normally been demolished or covered with soil, and are, consequently, not accessible to the wider public”. He elaborates: “The user, always the focus of our attention, can explore all the fascinating material interactively and systematically”. For this purpose, we have developed an interactive tour through one particular subterranean object. Spending six days at the site, we produced all-round panorama pictures which are presented on the CD-ROM with the looks of an adventure game.

Dietmar Arnold - Town Planner, Author and Chairman of the Berlin Underground Association

Dietmar Arnold Der Potsdamer Platz von unten Dunkle Welten Berliner Unterwelten e.V.

“Up to 40% of all buildings in Berlin’s inner city are located beneath the surface. At the Potsdamer Platz, more than half of the new structures were built underground. It is this particular point where 150 years of Berlin’s and Germany’s history have been “compressed” uniquely. Unlike Paris or Rome, the catacombs of Berlin are not yet included in any sightseeing programs. This multimedia production documents a hidden aspect of history and illuminates some particularly interesting, but inaccessible bits of the city” says town planner Dietmar Arnold who has already published several books about Berlin’s underground. As the chairman of the Berlin Underground Association, he has explored and documented historical subterranean architecture for many years and campaigns for its conservation.


Around 600 photos, ground plans, illustrations, cross-sections and 90 minutes of spoken word.
Interactive aerial pictures of the Potsdamer Platz from 5 decades, featuring details of particular objects.
An interactive walk through an air raid bunker with 360° panoramas.


CD-ROM for PC and Mac

System requirements:


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, Pentium II, 200 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Graphics card (8 MB), Sound card, 24x CD-ROM drive.
MacOS 8.6 or higher, PowerPC G3, 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 24x CD-ROM drive.


Recommended retail price 17,90 Euros | 1 CD-ROM in a Super Jewel Box | German Version | ISBN 3-935709-02-1
Available in bookshops and PC shops in Germany | International orders can be made in our Internet Shop easily!


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